What Is Craap Test Worksheet?

Craap Test - 2021

Do you believe all that you read? How does one know the psychological article you're reading is accurate, unbiased, and helpful, maybe utilizing your motivation.

CRAAP test is best to validate the content which is available on the internet. Be that as it may, there is a more correct method of choice if a post is reliable and helpful.

The letters in CRAAP Acronym represent - Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose.

Craap Test Worksheet

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What Is the CRAAP Test?


An article on mental disease published in Psychology Today 30 years ago, albeit written by a top expert, might not reflect recent findings or our current approach to mental illness Contrast with physics or chemistry, psychology is still a very modern science, and some of our most primary assumptions in the field have been challenged by new scientific findings.

So it is fundamental not to expect more seasoned views on character, conduct, and comprehension are essentially still acknowledged by mainstream researchers.

Some topics to ask about the currency of an article you are reading:

  • When was the content written?
  • When was it published?
  • Has it been updated since then?
  • Test regarding currency -
Craap Test - Currency


As you start reading an article, keep in mind the reason you selected to read it. Sometimes the written material does not address the question you thought it would; perhaps the author failed to answer the question, the title was intentionally misleading, or you confused what the author expected to explain. Perhaps you are not the familiar audience.

Also, it is important to the relevance of an article are the depth and breadth of coverage. An original book on mental health treatments, for example, needs to cover common types of medications and forms of psychotherapy. A post on the advantages of, say, biofeedback for social anxiety, does not.

Questions regarding relevance:

  • Why are you reading this information?
  • Does it deliver what it promises?
  • Are the language and coverage appropriate?
  • Test regarding relevance -
Craap Test - relevance


If the knowledge you are reading comes from an individual’s personal experience, confirm the author is experienced enough within the field and has used a scientific approach to analyzing his or her experiences. Why? Because all of us, including doctors, are prone to many preferences.

Greater trust within the author is typically required when the knowledge provided concerns a posh topic, is predicated solely on the author’s personal experience, or disagrees with what's widely believed by respected people in the field.

Questions regarding authority:

  • Does the author have a tutorial degree in this area from a reputable college?
  • If the information provided is based on experience, is the writer experienced enough?
  • Are the writer’s conclusions based on an objective and systematic approach to evaluating his or her experiences?
  • Test regarding authority -
Craap Test - Authority


Medicine researchers often write in a manner that shows their respect for truth. For instance, they suggest that a variable makes some event more likely or probable, not certain. This is not false modesty but an appreciation for the shortcomings of statistic methods and therefore the elusive nature of reality.

The scientists’ certainty increases mainly with more replications of the study. So search for tons of evidence when someone makes absolute claims. One last point: be careful about an expert being quoted out of context. The specialist’s claim could also be accidentally or deliberately misconstrued. When in doubt, go to the source.

Question regarding to accuracy:

  • Questions has the author cited sources for the assumptions and claims?
  • Are most of the sources scholarly?
  • Have the results of these studies been replicated?
  • Test regarding to accuracy -
Craap Test - Accuracy


The last element of the CRAAP test is that the purpose of the article. One may write for various purposes: Informing the reader of an occurrence, explaining how something happened, entertaining, selling, persuading, and other motivations. Also look for ulterior motives, conflicts of interest, and hidden agendas.

Even a highly objective researcher may sometimes, intentionally or unintentionally, provide biased guidance or make unsubstantiated claims. The writer might be providing an opinion about a controversial topic or a topic that has affected him or her negatively in a deeply personal way of writing the piece as to how to market a product or service.

Questions regarding to purpose:

  • What is the author trying to accomplish?
  • Is there any evidence of conflict of interest or hidden agenda?
  • Is the report discussing a sensitive topic?
  • Might the author’s personal feelings have negatively influenced the objectivity of the article?
  • Test reagrding to purpose -
Craap Test - Purpose


It is generally accepted that the current information aspect places an increasing burden on the information consumer. The lack of editorial control in a web environment, coupled with personalized search engine results and filter bubbles of disinformation on social media makes obvious the need for keepers to grow our guidance to teach and encourage lateral, fact-checking behaviors and dispositions.

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